Club Koa volleyball Club

Club Koa volleyball club is a club for all boys and girls from ages 13-18 who are looking to inhance their volleyball career. This club is a great opportunity for your child to start of their volleyball career young and start to build up great skils. This club has many teams such as the blues and blacks team which is the offical Club Koa teams and the child development team for younger children who are just first starting out.

Club Koa has over 15 awards from over 20 years of championships. Our club has also won State champions 6 times and we are so proud of all of our players and coaching staff for acheving them.

Club Koa offers things such as:

  • An opportunity to inhance your child's volleyball skills
  • All uniforms, backpacks, and practice jerseys
  • Tornaments, Practices, and gym
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    Offers and Deals Tornaments and Practices Teams and ages Coaches Location and Gym sytes