New Food is Introduced

Granada Hills Charter recently introduced new food to sell in their cafeteria. The new menu consists of chicken soup and three types of cookies. Many students have expressed their approval towards this new food choice.

The school says this will change the student’s opinion towards cafeteria food. Currently, 92% of students worldwide do not like school food. However, this revolutionary change will hopefully fix their bias.

Students are now lining up at Granada Hills Charter’s cafeteria for the new food. Here are some of their opinions.

I love the new food choice

“It’s like, really different,” says student Alissa James. “I’m glad it has changed.”

To be quite frank, even the reporters believe that food there was not that good whatsoever. Now that it is a different variety, it may just have students coming back for more.

“The food is amazing now!” says Alondra, the school’s student body president. She claims this new food is both healthy and tasty.

That is all for today, folks. Have fun at Granada everyone.